Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Apple Basket Cupcakes

I made a cake that looked a little like these last fall. I wanted to turn the cake into little cupcakes that looked like Apple Baskets. I think I was successful!

They are Applesauce Spice flavor with buttercream icing and royal icing apples. I cooked them in parchment paper cups to give it more of a "basket" feel. All you have to do is cut parchment paper into squares and press them down into your cupcake pan. Easy and beautiful! Plus, I ALWAYS have parchment paper on hand, but not always cupcake liners!!!

I decided to box them up and donate these to the Officers' Spouses' Club for the November luncheon as an "opportunity" which is just the Army's way of saying "raffle prize" I hope someone finds them delicious!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Sugar Bees

A good friend requested this specific cake for a baby shower she was hosting. It was chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, buttercream icing, fondant bees, and royal icing daisies. I'm very happy with how it turned out! I only hope the "Momma to bee" will love it too!!!

Zebra Print Cake

I had a 13 year old girl (the sister of a friend of mine) request a zebra print cake with pink ribbon around the top! This was half vanilla and half chocolate.

I thought the cake looked pretty cool before and after the pink stripe!

Little Mermaid

I had a request from a very special girl for a Little Mermaid Cake. Here's what I made her...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Promotion Cake

I made this cake for Eric's Orthodontist's promotion to full bird Colonel. He asked for the outline of the eagle, but I had to take it to the next level!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Congrats Grad!

I made this cake for a very good friend's son! Lory was the wife of the Commander of the battalion Eric deployed with. She was very instrumental in me getting through the deployment with 2 infants, getting involved in the Officers' Spouses' Club, and seeing what a devoted supportive Army wife is! She asked me to make a cake for her son's high school graduation. I took the mascot from Fayetteville Christian School and turned him into something yummy to eat! I hope she likes it!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bowling for CAKE!

One of the NICU nurses contacted me to make her son an 8th birthday cake with a bowling ball theme. Here's what I ended up with...

Then, I threw in some cupcakes because I've been wanting to try these bowling pin cupcakes. They were VERY easy and delicious

Mickey Mouse

I created a Minnie Mouse about a year ago, and was very excited to have a chance to create her better half! I made this for a 1 year old birthday. Mickey is my signature citrus cake and the balloons are the chocolate allergen free cakes. There's no egg, nuts, or milk in them. My client was concerned with food allergies so, of course, I had a delicious recipe for her!

Feliz Cumpleanos!

A co-worker of Eric's hired me to make her granddaughter a Dora the Explorer cake. I've never made Dora and don't really know much about her since the boys don't watch that show. A little research on the internet, a lot of different colors, and a tedious hand created the following cake. Come on VAMANOS!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm in the PAPER


I received an email from one of the boys' NICU nurses saying that she saw my name in the paper. Enough blah blah it is!

I'm SO excited to have my name in the paper and a picture of the pupcakes I made because they were a lot of work. If you look in the mirror, that's me standing in the background!

I put a lot of time into the cake orders I had that weekend, and this article makes it all worth it!

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Sweet Tooth

I was hired to make a "Dental Assistant Appreciation Week" cake for the clinic where Eric works. Actually, he has to travel between 2 of the 5 clinics on Ft. Bragg. He was at a different clinic and started talking about my cakes to some of the assistants and hygienists. Next thing you know, he was showing off this website! After he told me this, I decided to make them a cake too...just because!

Here's the extra cake I made for Rhode Dental Clinic

Here's the one I made for Davis Dental Clinic.
Eric told me they all LOVED the cake and that one of the Colonels actually took a picture of it. Now THAT made me feel good!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Avery...take TWO!

This is probably one of my favorite buttercream cakes yet!

Sherry, one of the boys' NICU nurses asked me to make her little princess a cake to tear into for her first birthday pictures. I made it, hot pink and lime green to match Miss Avery's tutu, but poor little princess came down with a tummy bug the day before her photos. So, Sherry popped over late at night to pick up the cake, and we talked about how she could freeze it for 2 weeks until her rescheduled photo session. However, due to cake suicide (because the cake did this to itself) it never did make it to the freezer, and had to either be buried or eaten. Thankfully, it was eaten!

Tomorrow morning, Avery has her THIRD attempt at her first birthday photo shoot. (The first was rescheduled due to road rash up her face from a fall on the concrete!!!!) I packed this cake SO tight in the box that Sherry will have to pull the box apart at its seam to get the cake out. I felt bad that the cake committed suicide that I included 5 little cupcakes that also spell her name. Steven Ashmore is one of THE BEST photographers in I wanted to give him plenty of ways to capture Avery, her hot pink tutu, and her name!

Here's to a FABULOUS photo shoot with a beautiful princess in her tutu and a delicious cake for her to TEAR into!

UPDATE - Would you believe that poor Avery is sick AGAIN? Sherry picked up the cake with the intention to freeze it until her 4TH attempt at having her first birthday pictures taken. I had it all wrapped in a box and ready to freeze. I hope this baby girl can get her pictures done before she either outgrows her picture outfit OR turns 2. HA

Saturday, March 6, 2010

PAWS...and eat some cake!

Carolina Pet Care Services, the company we use to baby sit our dogs when traveling, contacted me a few months ago and asked me to make some custom puppy cupcakes for them as well as a birthday sheet cake. I attempted the pupcakes back in January and they turned out great! This weekend was the big fundraiser for FAPS (Fayetteville Animal Protection Society) as well as Shannon's (one of the owners of the company) 40th birthday. I lieu of presents for Shannon, they asked for donations or gifts for FAPS.

I put a lot of time and effort into their pupcakes and sheet cake this week....and it paid off. THEY LOVED IT!!!! I spent a few hours at the fundraiser and enjoyed meeting some of their other dog sitters and even a free lance photographer from the paper who was there to cover the story.

Shannon chose a chocolate cake with mocha mousse filling

Chihuahua, sheep dog, beagle, collie, terrier, bulldog,
chocolate lab, schnauzer, pug, and dalmatian!

The dachshunds didn't fit in the box..they had to ride without the rest of the pack!!!!

FBAOSC Fundraiser

I was approached by one of the members of the Ft Bragg Area Officers, Spouses' Club, and asked to donate something for their March Fundraiser called Denim and Diamonds. I knew I didn't have time to do another cake since I already had 2 cake orders for the weekend and an order of custom cupcakes. However, I knew I could eek out a nifty looking cookie bouquet.

I drew out a template for theses cookies, cut them all out by hand, decorated them, and added about 125 pearl candies to each cookie...INDIVIDUALLY with some tweezers. I then wrapped each one and placed them in a cute pink and brown gift box and shrink wrapped it! I hope it brought a bidding war like the shoe box cake did at the Cakes for a Cure fundraiser back in November! I delivered them to our monthly luncheon on Thursday and they got a really good reaction. I love what I do!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bridal Shower Cake

I made the following cake for a bridal shower. It was yellow cake with raspberry buttercream filling! The bride and guests loved the way it looked and tasted! I love it when my customers are satisfied. Stay tuned because I have A LOT of cake orders coming up!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Whenever we go out of town, we have a specific dog sitting company we use to care for Jade and Rena. They are AWESOME and the pups love the 2 ladies that run the business. Shout out to Theresa and Shannon! They contacted me a few weeks ago to enlist my help in making some cupcakes shaped like PUPS...that's why I called them Pupcakes. Theresa dropped off the book Hello, Cupcakes and wanted me to give it a go. I decided to do a trial run before I fully committed to them. These are for a very special occasion, and if I wasn't going to be able to reproduce them to their satisfaction, I wanted them to have time to locate someone else. Never fear though...I made them all the last 2 days. The book is VERY descriptive on how to make these edible K-9s. I'm glad I tried these because I will need to make a few variations in regards to the size of the marshmallows used to make most of the snouts. Also, I need to find chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the eyes, and Famous Chocolate Waffers for the snouts and ears! If anyone sees them in either Fayetteville or Raleigh/Durham, please let me know! This order isn't due until the first week of March, so I have some time to locate these last few things.

What do you think????????

Old English Sheep Dog

Yo Quiero PUPCAKES? Chihuahua
Can you eat 101 PUPCAKES??? Dalmation
Chocolate Lab...literally..CHOCOLATE!
Pug...not my favorite, but will look better once I find all the necessary candies
Yorkshire Terrier

Now, what the heck am I supposed to do with these Pupcakes??? Give them to the clients of course! Theresa is going to stop by and pick them up today to enjoy over the weekend.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rice Krispies ON A STICK!

I wanted to do something special for the boys to take to Mother's Day Out for their 3rd birthday. Hard to believe, I know! I stuck with rice krispie treats, made them look like sports balls (the only thing they play with right now) and put it on a stick. Apparently, putting things on a stick are the total rave right now. ;)

I used store bought icing and dyed it to the appropriate color. I added powdered sugar to the icing to thicken it up and help it harden a little when it dries. I just used little ziploc bags to pipe the decorations on them. I don't think the moms will be very happy with me about giving their kiddos a sugar high! I'm hoping to send these HOME with the kids and let the parents decide when the kids can have them.