Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cookie Bouquet

I made a cookie bouquet this past week for a baby shower. I chose this specific cookie because the mother was expecting twin girls. The cookies were very time consuming, but super cute. Enough are the pictures!

This is the diaper cake which was the base for the cookies.
If you look closely at the cookies, you can see that I put the feet on upside down. Thankfully, Eric noticed it, but I'm not so thankful for the amount of time it took me to fix.
The cookies are all positioned.
Wrapped up all pretty with a bow on top!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Next Sweet Creation

So I've been VERY busy in the kitchen lately. Before I show you what I'm working on next, here's what I did earlier this week.cheesecake 002

This is what I like to call OMG delicious cheesecake. It's a turtle cheesecake with chocolate, caramel, and pecan topping. Eric took it to work, but managed to snag me a piece to try. Cheesecake isn't my favorite dessert, but this was absolutely delicious!!!

Now, here's what I'm working on for the weekend. I was asked to make a cookie bouquet for a baby shower. The cookies are going to be put into a diaper cake and wrapped individually so the guests can take them home as a party favor. I spent most of the night making the cookies, and I plan on giving myself Thursday night and Friday night, if needed to decorate them. The diaper cake is pretty much done, and only needs some ribbon. Here's what the cookies will look'll have to wait for the final product to see what they will be. Any guesses? And has nothing to do with minnie mouse or mickey mouse...or flowers!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First 1/2 Sheet Cake

aegdcake 002

This was my first attempt at a sheet cake. 1/2 sheet cake to be exact. It's half chocolate half vanilla with buttercream filling. I made the logo with royal icing on waxed paper. Once it dried, I peeled it off the paper and placed it on the cake. This cake is for monthly birthday party at Eric's clinic.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Spiderman Cake

spidermancake 002 spidermancake 001

This is my latest creation. It's a 12" round yellow cake with strawberry filling, and vanilla fondant. Spiderman himself is also made out of fondant.