Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Whenever we go out of town, we have a specific dog sitting company we use to care for Jade and Rena. They are AWESOME and the pups love the 2 ladies that run the business. Shout out to Theresa and Shannon! They contacted me a few weeks ago to enlist my help in making some cupcakes shaped like PUPS...that's why I called them Pupcakes. Theresa dropped off the book Hello, Cupcakes and wanted me to give it a go. I decided to do a trial run before I fully committed to them. These are for a very special occasion, and if I wasn't going to be able to reproduce them to their satisfaction, I wanted them to have time to locate someone else. Never fear though...I made them all the last 2 days. The book is VERY descriptive on how to make these edible K-9s. I'm glad I tried these because I will need to make a few variations in regards to the size of the marshmallows used to make most of the snouts. Also, I need to find chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the eyes, and Famous Chocolate Waffers for the snouts and ears! If anyone sees them in either Fayetteville or Raleigh/Durham, please let me know! This order isn't due until the first week of March, so I have some time to locate these last few things.

What do you think????????

Old English Sheep Dog

Yo Quiero PUPCAKES? Chihuahua
Can you eat 101 PUPCAKES??? Dalmation
Chocolate Lab...literally..CHOCOLATE!
Pug...not my favorite, but will look better once I find all the necessary candies
Yorkshire Terrier

Now, what the heck am I supposed to do with these Pupcakes??? Give them to the clients of course! Theresa is going to stop by and pick them up today to enjoy over the weekend.


  1. Those are awesome Kate!!!! My favorites are the sheep dog, the chocolate lab and the chihuaha! Total Cuteness!

  2. Thanks Cheryl. The sheep dog is my favorite too! My aunt raises, sometimes breeds, and shows sheep dogs. The male she has now is named BOHSD. That stands for Big Old Hairy Sheep Dog.

    Hello Cupcake is a REALLY awesome book if you ever get a hankering to make cupcakes!!!

  3. LOVE these! Any chance they have one that looks like a greyhound?

  4. Dawn, I'm sorry to say that there wasn't a greyhound in the book. I attempted every single one that was in the book. :(