Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Avery...take TWO!

This is probably one of my favorite buttercream cakes yet!

Sherry, one of the boys' NICU nurses asked me to make her little princess a cake to tear into for her first birthday pictures. I made it, hot pink and lime green to match Miss Avery's tutu, but poor little princess came down with a tummy bug the day before her photos. So, Sherry popped over late at night to pick up the cake, and we talked about how she could freeze it for 2 weeks until her rescheduled photo session. However, due to cake suicide (because the cake did this to itself) it never did make it to the freezer, and had to either be buried or eaten. Thankfully, it was eaten!

Tomorrow morning, Avery has her THIRD attempt at her first birthday photo shoot. (The first was rescheduled due to road rash up her face from a fall on the concrete!!!!) I packed this cake SO tight in the box that Sherry will have to pull the box apart at its seam to get the cake out. I felt bad that the cake committed suicide that I included 5 little cupcakes that also spell her name. Steven Ashmore is one of THE BEST photographers in town...so I wanted to give him plenty of ways to capture Avery, her hot pink tutu, and her name!

Here's to a FABULOUS photo shoot with a beautiful princess in her tutu and a delicious cake for her to TEAR into!

UPDATE - Would you believe that poor Avery is sick AGAIN? Sherry picked up the cake with the intention to freeze it until her 4TH attempt at having her first birthday pictures taken. I had it all wrapped in a box and ready to freeze. I hope this baby girl can get her pictures done before she either outgrows her picture outfit OR turns 2. HA

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