Friday, August 7, 2009

Sesame Street Revisited

I made the Sesame Street characters again, and this time it's for a real client! The last time was just a trial run. I was MUCH happier with the coloring of Elmo and Cookie and Grover. Thanks to an old high school friend who gave me the hint about CK powdered coloring..wink wink Ashley! Now, when it came to making Ernie come to life, I ran into a snag. Ernie looked like a sunburned George Hamilton. I'm not ashamed to show my ugly creation...see him below. Eric was more than happy to eat him!

I started with the mini-cakes. I put them all on a piece of parchment paper and labeled them so I would know which character was which. I also had a few made of rice cereal for my son who has severe food allergies. (Poor little kid can't have CAKE!!)

Next, I started decorating them with black first for the mouth...

After the black, I started "furring" them...

Next, I added the eyes, hair, nose, and are the finished monsters

I'm MUCH happier with these, and LOVE the addition of Bert. Maybe Ernie will make it next time.

Finally, here is Ernie aka George Hamilton after a beach vacation...

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